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Announcing solarhome.com.au

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Posted by alex.fiedler on August 30, 2006, 6:36 am
I would like to announce the creation of a forum
http://www.solarhome.com.au  designed to serve  solar energy enthusiasts
from Australia and surrounding countries.  In Australia we have a
special climate, wide open spaces, plentiful land, desert and sun.
Besides we are in the southern hemisphere which means every reference
to panels pointing South is meaningless for us.  Our panels point
North.  Our summer months are December to February.  We have a lot of
sunshine, meaning concentrator systems are streets ahead of flat
panels, which you can't say for places like Europe or China with their
heavy cloud cover.  These and many other reasons means we need our own
group.  South Africa and South America might feel the same.  Not aware
if they have any forum but if you are from there, and think this group
might be relevant, please join and take a look.

Please welcome this forum on board the global cluetrain.


Alex Fiedler

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