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Attic preheat for clothes dryer

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Posted by websurf1 on October 1, 2005, 5:33 pm
I don't need to worry about heating the house--I'm in Phonix, where
cooling is the issue.

There is LOTS of heat in the attic; in the summer they can typically
get to 140 degrees or so.  But I'm running an air conditioner, and when
I run the clothes dryer, I'm sucking out the cool air, heating it up
and blowing it out, which draws a vacuum on the house, sucking in more
hot air that makes the AC run some more.  Stupidest design I ever saw,
but that's the only way they build the box houses down here.

I am thinking of putting in a duct to run the preheated attic air into
the dryer,  and then vent the dryer outside.  Preheated air is good,
and no vacuum on the house is good.  I might need a filter for attic
dust (it's the cellulose type, not fiberglass)in the dryer inlet.

Anyone see any other problems?

Posted by samc on October 3, 2005, 2:09 pm
websurf1@cox.net wrote:

all well and good but what is wrong with useing a washing line ?
I live in uk and it rains a good deal of the time but I have all-
most stoped useing the dryer , by putting an extra line under a gazebo
tent .

Posted by websurf1 on October 3, 2005, 3:41 pm
samc wrote:

Climate: though dry, it is very dusty and windy.
HOA: wont' allow clotheslines
Family: neither my wife nor I have the time to hang things up on the
line and pick them up out of the dirt.

Otherwise I might.  And if the energy things gets REALLY bad, a lot of
people will.

Posted by zenboom on October 4, 2005, 4:00 pm

it will get really bad, sometime. what is your contribution?

Posted by websurf1 on October 4, 2005, 11:09 pm
zenboom wrote:

Where did THAT come from???

Homes here--and most places in the US--are built dumb.  The laundry
sucks ACd air and heats it up and throws it out.  I'm trying to come up
with a fix--at least a partial fix--that will work.  There is free heat
available and I'm looking for a way to use it.  THAT's my contribution.

I've put solar systems on 2 houses, insulated above builder's standards
on 2 houses.  I'm now in another new house and I'm investing in energy
conservation/generation yet again. The vast majority of builders
themselves are idiots and won't even cooperate just a little bit, so I
have to retrofit.  While I may not be able to change everyone's
lifestyle in one swell foop, I'm at least trying to find ways to
minimize the consumption for that particular life style.

I've probably invested about 15 to 20 thousand dollars over the years
upgrading houses and installing solar or other energy
collections/conservation items.

I also drive fuel-efficient cars, try to live near where I work, and
use xeriscaping.  My last yard was a certified Backyard Wildlife
Habitat; this will be too.  I vote for people who support expensive
energy, so our society will conserve.  As soon as I am able, I intend
to put PV on the house here.

And trust me--around here, an outdoor laundry line is not really an
option.  It's a construction zone for the next 5 years, in a dirt area
of former farms.

I talk about energy conservation and alternatives.  I put my money
where my talk is.  I came here looking for a couple ideas.

That's part of my contribution.  What's YOURS?

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