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California Solar Project to Occupy 4,900 Acres

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Posted by Eric Jackson on March 2, 2013, 2:23 pm
California Gov. Jerry Brown has fast tracked development of a 750 MW solar  
photovoltaic project. The NextEra Energy Resources project in Riverside Cou
nty would be built in two phases; the first by August 2014 and the second i
n October 2016.

As part of the agreement with California, McCoy Soloar Photovoltaic agreed  
to invest a minimum of $00 million into the state?s economy during devel
opment and construction. The company has said 20 permanent full-time jobs w
ill be created when the project is completed.  
If completed, the facility would be the largest solar-power plant in the wo
rld. The finished project will cover 4,315 acres of federal land and 477 ac
res of private land, generating enough electricity to power approximately 2
64,000 homes, according to McCoy.

There was no word on the cost of the electricity to be produced by the plan
t, nor reaction to the mammoth amount of land required for the project.

Now there is an alternative ? green, reliable and affordable ? to alter
native energy sources that may be unattractive to the eyes and potentially  
environmentally harmful, suich as the components in photovoltaic cells.

NRGLab (http://nrglab.asia/ ), the premiere green-energy company in Singapor
e, has the answer. The company has developed and perfected poly-crystal tec
hnology for producing electricity from environmental heat. This scalable po
wer solution uses self-contained generators known as SH Boxes, which produc
e electricity for as little as 3 cents per kW. NRGLab systems produce envir
onmentally-friends energy; no harmful emissions or pollutants of any kind a
re released from the company?s generators, which operate more than a deca
de on a single installation. SH boxes can be installed anywhere; it is not  
necessary to mount them on a roof or even in direct sunlight.

The company?s video channel, including a presentation of the technology,  
is available on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/user/nrglabsgd .

Using NRGLab systems, affordable, reliable electric power is now available  
to anyone on earth. NRGLab generators are self-contained, can be installed  
almost anywhere, and deliver reliable power for 10 years or more, with mini
mal maintenance.

NRGLab?s first auction to license the rights for SH Box production will b
e held in April in Singapore. Learn more here: http://nrglab.asia/auctions .

A copy of the company?s Strategic Business Plan can be reviewed here: htt

NRGLab plans to transform the way the world receives electric power, while  
improving the lives of billions of people with an environmentally-friendly,
 low-cost power source that holds vast profit potential for the company?s
 partners. We invite you to join us in Singapore at the Raffles Hotel (http
://www.raffles.com/singapore/) for this historic auction.

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