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Posted by tm on June 1, 2010, 7:03 pm


Seriously, would you trust a Harbor Freight solar cell? I don't buy
anything from that store that needs to plug into the mains.

George W. Bush had an honorable discharge and proved to be the dumbest
fuck ever to hold a political office. 'nuff said for your sig.

UNTIL Obama!

Posted by Don Klipstein on June 2, 2010, 12:22 am

<SNIP to here>

  Only arguably for one specific office of one of 2-3 brances and
3-to-often-4 levels of government where both level and branch exists and
where the office in question is one voted into by voters.

  I seem to think that Philadelphia has elected some mayors that would
make the bumber of the 2 bushes look like an outright brainiac in
comparison.  I even remember one November election between two that some
called "airhead vs. vacuum", and occaisionally as the one to choose which
of the two worst prior mayors of Philadelphia to put back into that

  Let alone elections for the 17 councilcritters (unicameral legislative
branch) for Philadelphia...  Where 10 are elected from districts, and 7
are elected "at-large" (on citywide basis as opposed to representing a
district of the city), with Philly's city charter having an "affirmative
action program" to limit to 5 of these 7 being in the same political
party.  Post-1949, Philadelphia has usually had 14-15 Democrats and 2-3
Republicans in their legislative branch of gubmint.

  And it appears to me that most Philadelphia councilcritters leave office
by dying in office, retiring at a very old age, need to go to prison, or
due to racial change of a district that they have to be re-elected from.
  And when the councilcritters worse than the mayor mismanage the
government of the city (despite a "strong mayor" city charter), their
constituents tend to blame the mayor.


  From before Civil War to sometime around or a bit before 1950, the
contentedly corrupted Philadelphians tended to employ stinky awful
Republican mayors.  Then, they elected a good Democrat mayor, followed by
a fairly/somewhat good Democrat mayor, and after that to now sent to City
Hall Democrat mayors that wre/are at best were so-so (in my opinion) and
at worst (in my opinion) stank even more than the worst Republican mayor
that Philadelphia ever endured.

  I seem to think that Philadelphians often elect and re-elect local
government officers worse than every President that USA ever had.

 - Don Klipstein (don@misty.com)

Posted by Michael A. Terrell on June 1, 2010, 9:57 pm
"miso@sushi.com" wrote:

   That's your choice.  Buy whatever turns your crank.  I have several
power tools I bought there, and they do exactly what I bought them to
do.  Several work better than the Craftsman crap they replaced.  They
should change their name to Crapsman.

Anyone wanting to run for any political office in the US should have to
have a DD214, and a honorable discharge.

Posted by vaughn on June 1, 2010, 10:27 pm

Suit yourself!   I am happy to have a Harbor Freight near me, but I recognize
that they sell mostly crap.  Fortunately; for light duty and occasional use,
crap is sometimes good enough.

I have seen their PV panels and decided to taka a pass in favor of a much better
quality panel.


Posted by Michael A. Terrell on June 1, 2010, 11:24 pm
vaughn wrote:


   Taka all the passes you want. I've bought tools from them for
decades.  I've had one bad tool out of hundreds. OTOH, I know crap tools
when I see them.  The imported Japanese tools I saw in the '70s weren't
worth taking out of the plastic bags they were shipped in, yet some
people had tool boxes full of them.  They were both poorly made and
dangerous to use.

Anyone wanting to run for any political office in the US should have to
have a DD214, and a honorable discharge.

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