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Carbon loaded water

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Posted by Starbase on May 4, 2004, 3:57 pm
Everyone is talking about using copper pipe and radiators to collect the
solar energy, is there a flaw to the idea of loading the water with carbon
powder (or some other dark matter) and passing that through glass
tubes/between glass plates to collect the energy. I am thinking of building
a solar collector, even if it is not as efficient as a proffesional unit
(which I would not be able to afford) I think it would be good value for
money just to pre-heat the water and for the fun of the project. If this is
not such a good idea I intend to use a domestic radiator in a suitable
housing with low E glass front etc.


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Posted by Anthony Matonak on May 4, 2004, 4:51 pm
Starbase wrote:

I think the two main concerns with that design is cost (glass is more
expensive than copper) and keeping your mix together. For instance,
suspending carbon black (or any other particulate) isn't so very
easy and likely would be hard on any pumps. If you use some form of
dye then it's likely to break down over time from exposure to sunlight.

You don't have to use copper pipe for a collector. Many suggestions on
cheap collectors have been made in the past on this newsgroup. One is
to use black plastic twinwall panels and PCV pipe. Another suggests
a sandwich of corrugated roofing panels, one fiberglass the other
metal painted black, where you drip water through the middle. Then
there is the batch heater concept which simply places a tank of
water in a glass fronted, insulated box with perhaps a couple of
reflectors. If you live in a hot climate you can skip the glass, box
and reflectors and simply have a black painted water tank in the sun.


Posted by Starbase on May 4, 2004, 5:14 pm
 Anthony Matonak wrote


Thanks for the reply, I share your concenrns about keeping the carbon
suspended/and excessive pump ware as well as degredation of dye etc. So I
think I will probably look to some sort of collector plate design, probably
using an old radiator or copper piping. I have found a lot of good info and
ideas in this group.

Many thanks


Posted by sno on May 4, 2004, 6:17 pm

Starbase wrote:

You do not need to make the liquid dark in color....you can
trickle water over a dark metal plate and heat it...from
what I have read works very well....people have used just a
metal plate without any glass cover...and got a good heat

thank you for listening to my thoughts....steve

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Posted by no useful info on May 4, 2004, 9:24 pm

Once saw a prototype of a clear collector. It was a spiral of clear
plastic tubing and the working fluid was dark (I seem to recall India
Ink, but it could just as well be oil). Seemed like a great idea to me,
the only drawback being the need for heat exchangers. Given todays
technology, the heat exchanger isn't such a problem and the working
fluid could probably be any number of existing fluids.

This prototype may have been from someone in India

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