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Posted by Starbase on May 5, 2004, 2:23 pm

"no useful info"   wrote

My current working model is pretty conventional as far as the overall system
goes, that is to say it consists of the as yet to be designed solar panel
which feeds into a standard heat exchanger inside a standard copper hot
water tank, the tank then has a cold water inlet at mains pressure, with a
hot water outlet going to the "on demand" hot water boiler. On the solar
heater side I will need two temperature sensors, one monitoring panel water
temperature and the other the copper tank temperature. The outputs from the
sensors will trigger a pump when the difference is off by a set amount,
controlled to heat the tank and prevent tank heat escaping back into the
panel. I will be operating a closed system so I will also need an expansion
tank as well as a pressure releif valve. I will also have to design the
system so as not to produce scalding water out of the boiler (I think the
boiler may already have this feature, but I have yet to investigate the
implications of feeding "hot" water into this boiler), the other
consideration is the lowest temperature the panel will be exposed to, worst
case could in theory be as low as -15 deg C (perhaps this is a good case for
using light oil as the fluid). Depending on the final panel design I will
possibly build one panel and determine the output and then build one or two
more depending on efficiency, connecting them in parrallel, (there may have
to be more thought as to the fluid flow here and the relative efficiencies
of conecting several panels together?).


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