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Civilian Reactor Plutonium Stockpiles Still Growing - Page 3

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Posted by Roy Boy on August 4, 2005, 8:32 pm

Eric Gisin wrote:

Thank you all for a most illuminating and educational discussion about
plutonium, radiation, bomb making potential from civilian reactors, and
raising the issue of the large amounts of natural radiation many people
must deal with.

I am truly dissapointed that no solar-thermal folk chose to join in
this discussion in a positive manner.

Again, one very interesting area of collaboration between nuk-backers
and solar-thermal backers is the integration of the two technologies to
produce heat-derived electricity.

I am also dissappointed that solar thermal folk chose not to contribute
in offering up data about the sun's deleterious effects from photon
radiation when working out in the hot sun and the wisdom of shielding
against this solar thermal radiation source.

I remain convinced that all bodies of energy groups must throw off
their self-imposed shackles and look for ways to bridge the gap between
technologies for the benefit of all.

There is no reason above-ground nuclear waste casks could not form the
core of a heat driven electric system using a combination of waste
radiactive heat and high temperature solar heat in an integrated plant,
whose operation would ensure the contiued monitoring of nuclear waste
casks through a period where much of the desired radiactive decay is

Imagine that:  A temporary nuclear waste dump that serves as the heart
of a large-scale solar-thermal heat-to-electricity system.

Strange bedfellows, but not beyond the realm of possibility.

Thank you all again for your most excellent contributions to this

with respect

Roy Boy

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