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Copper prices

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Posted by Dave on April 5, 2004, 3:36 am
I am curious as to the standard price of 3/4" type L Rigid Copper pipe
in 10 foot lengths. It seems the price varies from place to place and
also some places charge more for the thinner Type M than the thicker
Type L. I am in the southeast.
Thanks in advance,

Posted by Cosmopolite on April 5, 2004, 10:51 pm

Dave wrote:

I don't know about copper prices in your area, but if this
is in regard to your previous post about the water heater,
you should investigate using CPVC piping.

Posted by Dave on April 6, 2004, 1:55 pm
 I have used cpvc before on mostly indoor projects so I am aware of it,
but I wanted to go with copper for this project. The reason I was asking
about the copper prices is that I thought I found a deal, but wanted to
make sure before I stocked up. After a number of phone calls to the
immediate area withing 30 miles, I realized $ for 3/4 x 10' Type "L"
was a pretty good deal. Other suppliers wanted over double that and one
place (a wholesale building supply) wanted $9.90 per piece. In a 20
foot length I could find it for $1.99 so in the end, I stocked up while
the going was good :)

Cosmopolite wrote:

Posted by Chuck Yerkes on April 9, 2004, 5:14 am
 Dave wrote:

Copper prices, like lumber, are shooting up for several reasons
including, but not limited to, a tanking dollar and supplies being
shuttled off to other parts of the world by the VP and his friends.

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