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Posted by Josepi on September 26, 2010, 3:03 am

I have most of my main and basement windows facing solar noon with large
overhangs, roof and deck for basement. They ended up a little too long for
best solar gain, sheilding but still workable. Roof trusses ended up too far
over from design and deck is bigger than ideal on that side.

Two inches of R10 rigid foam over double 2x4 walls = R10 + R12 x 2 = R34 on
basement walkout walls. Man it sure is quite down there with two isolated
wals though. Can't even hear big thunder claps...LOL Basement floor heating
sure is nice in winter. I find needing to pour a liitle heat into basement
slab in summer with lots of A/C running when guests come. Slab get too cold.
This hurts my feelings (heat + A/C = yuk)

98% efficient Trane Natural Gas forced air furnace combined with a Trane
air-air heat pump - heat pump supplies heat down to outside temp of around
35-40F, then two-stage furnace takes over.  We used 94.7 MCF total for the
year Aug-Aug. and that includes hot water and cooking too.  Heat pump
provides cooling and dehumidification when absolutely necessary in summer -
mostly we let the house draw cool air up from lower levels by opening window
upstairs and in the basement at night and closing it up to keep the cool in
during the day.

I have plans to add a solar thermal system with a small PV panel and 12V
circulating pump in the spring.  The outbuilding has enough roof area facing
south for PV when prices become more attractive.

Posted by Josepi on September 26, 2010, 5:19 pm
Awesome idea Bob!! Recoup some of the exracted heat and put it where it is
needed. The situation only happens in the hot summer with guests staying in
the walkout basement bedrooms so not a priority over finishing the damn
place yet...LOL I run an open system with my hot water running through the
floor first. I guess bypassing that could have helped to keep the cold well
water out of it also.

One day I amy get to all that again. I have about 200 sq.ft. of solar
thermal panels built into my barn roof on a 15:12 slope with some burst
copper manifolds  attached to get to also...LOL (failed drain down system)

You need a way to divert a little outside A/C heat into the slab.

Josepi wrote:

Posted by Morris Dovey on September 25, 2010, 1:51 pm
 On 9/24/2010 4:12 PM, v8z wrote:

With the ICF/SIP construction and R45-50 roof, it shouldn't take much to
maintain a comfortable temperature range, and the ceiling fan over a
thermal mass in the great room is a first class idea.

_Very_ nicely done!

Morris Dovey

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