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DIY Solar collector question - Page 3

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Posted by N. Thornton on August 31, 2004, 4:30 pm
nicksanspam@ece.villanova.edu wrote in message

Seen it done. The chap had his collectors on the ground, made with
scrap pieces of glass overlapping since they werent big enough,
convection circulation, all fairly crude but it worked. The copper
microbore was laid on sheet al and just tied at a few points. I agree
that good conductance is better of course.


Posted by nicksanspam on August 31, 2004, 6:13 pm

Utter nonsense. Try numbers. Wire ties might
make the solar collection efficiency 2%...


Posted by N. Thornton on September 1, 2004, 8:36 am
 nicksanspam@ece.villanova.edu wrote in message

seen it with me own eyes lad. I agree theres plenty of room for
improvement of course... they had to wait till afternoon to have
showers. I suggested adding a pump, as it was a long run from panel to
tank, must have lost a fair bit of heat on that slow journey. And
adding external reflectors to boost heat up and extend season of use,
but he didnt seem interested. It was a direct system with tank in loft
and collectors on ground, he drained it each winter.


Posted by Bert Menkveld on September 1, 2004, 12:03 pm
I have also seen a similar arrangement, where the tubing wasn't bonded to
the collector plate at all.  Apparently heat transfer through the air
between the collector plate and the tubing was enough to produce useful
amounts of warm water, which was used for showering (summer only).

For my home-built collector plate, bonding the tubing to the aluminum
collector plate was one of the most difficult problems, as there doesn't
seem to be any readily available thermally conductive material available to
do this.  I ended up using silicone caulking, which actually has fairly good
thermal conductivity.

Bert Menkveld

Posted by N. Thornton on September 1, 2004, 8:44 pm
 "Bert Menkveld" <bertATreentronicsDOTcom> wrote in message

With tubing tied in place there will be some metal to metal contact: I
agree with Nick it sounds inefficient, but work it did, if not

In electronics the standard heat transfer compound is zinc oxide in
grease: if you mix zinc oxide into your silicon it might conduct a
little better - not sure if its worth bothering though.

Regards, NT

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