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Differential controler

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Posted by SQLit on October 22, 2003, 8:11 pm
I sure hope that some one has experience with this>
I have a Goldline Diff controller, G-30.  Recently I had the opportunity to
read the directions again. I found the two adjustable temp controls. One is
for the tank temp and the other is a differential between the tank and the
collector, right?   Is there a rule of thumb where they should be set?  I
moved the max temp to 170 F. It never gets there. I seem to have gained
something like 20 F according to the chicken s..... thermometer that I use
to gauge the tank temp. What I am concerned with is that in the winter time
when the temps dip towards 40 the pump goes into freeze protection every
night. I live in southern AZ and it rarely freezes. Maybe crystals on the
lawn 2-3 nights a year.  Seems a waste of heat just pumping the water back
up to the collector when it is not really freezing. I know that the pump
should come on prior to the problem. How can I reduce the temp for freeze
protection with this controller?

Your suggestions and comments are solicited.

Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that
comes from bad judgment.

Will Rogers

Posted by Glenn on October 23, 2003, 12:11 pm
No experience with your controller, but one suggestion anyway  :-).

If you don't wish to meddle with the controller innards you could mess
with the input.  Tell it a lie from dusk til dawn or all night and all
day (think +10 degrees offset).  I don't know what kind of temp sensor
you've got but you could (concievably) :
thermocouple ... apply a (small) voltage
Varistor ... add a parallel resistor

Here's another one ... freeze protect the temp sensor, give it a
(switched) resistor to keep it warm on those winter nights

Good luck,  Glenn

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