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East West orientation

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Posted by richard.burgess on January 4, 2007, 12:03 pm
Hi, I am in the UK and my roof has an East West orientation with a
pitch of about 35degrees. I am installing a Thermal store to provide
mains pressure DHW and central heating through radiators. Future plans
are to extend the house and heat that area with UFH also fed off the
thermal store.

The thermal store will include a solar coil and I hope to install some
solar panels once the initial DIY is done, I was hoping that the solar
power will be able to provide some assistance to central heating,
however small, outside the summer season.

My question is would it be best to put panels on the east or west side
OR if I can stretch to two panels would one on each side provide an
alround better solution. My thinking was that slightly oversize panels
on both east/west would favour morning/evening whilst not being too
good at midday, therefore reducing overheating and levelling out the
solar gain throughout the day.

Or am I just trying to justify a less than optimum roof orientation. I
have no south facing option.

Any opinions welcome

Posted by samuel chamberlain on January 4, 2007, 3:10 pm
richard.burgess@macunlimited.net wrote:

hi rechard I am also planing to place panels on a e/w facing roof .
my current leaning is to have over sized e & w collectors as you mentioned .
If you do use a large sq aria of collector - storage volume you will
need to dump the excess heat some where (a rad/towel rail) in the summer
months .
also wait and see if someone with experience with e/w siting replys .

Posted by SJC on January 4, 2007, 3:28 pm
 The obvious answer is put them on the side that favors the south.
Unless the slopes are dead on east and west, one will be favored.

Posted by Jeff on January 4, 2007, 5:48 pm
 richard.burgess@macunlimited.net wrote:

   I think we need another opinion, not necessarily mine!

   You are not only off south, you are fairly far north. Winter sun is
low on the horizon and and being off access will make this even lower.
Meanwhile your roof leans toward flatter than vertical. I'm thinking
that you will get well under half, perhaps 40% (52 latitude) of what you
would have south facing. On top of that solar panels don't do as well
under adverse conditions (low solar insolation, high temp differential).

   Summer sun is a different story and you may even get more sun in June.

   I'm thinking, this will not be so good for supplementing your winter
heat bills but may help a lot with summer hot water.

  You may wish to consider, is it cloudier in the morning or cloudier in
the evening? How well insulated is your tank, would you rather pump in
heat in the morning or in the evening? Any trees or other obstructions
that may be favored in one direction? Not to mention that it will be
warmer in the afternoon and your collectors will be more efficient then
because of less heat loss to the outdoors (winter off peak collection
will be neglible or minus).

   I see this as not being cut and dried and I don't know the answers.


Posted by Solar Flare on January 5, 2007, 12:31 am
 Reflecting mirrors, or concentrators come to mind. Trough style
concentrators in narrow strips facing south on an east/west slope.

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