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External solar closet?

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Posted by NickW on July 10, 2003, 12:49 pm
I can't alter my house externally. It's a listed building.

Could I have a solar closet externally? I guess it would need more
insulation than one which is internal to the house.

A possible site is about 25 meters from the house, would this be OK
with a water based heat exchanger and well lagged pipes?

I thought I could splice it into my existing hot water and central
heating system, so the pump could run as normal but the oil fired
boiler would not come on. Perhaps a sensor in the heat exchanger
within the closet could activate the boiler when the water temperature
drops too low.

A valve could stop water from entering the main circuit from the
closet when the boiler is active.

I suppose one advantage of a purpose made solar closet is that the
collector could be at a more optimum angle, say about 65 degrees to
get the most heat in the winter at my latitudes.

Should there be some sort of heat blowoff system in the event
temperatures reach 100C? Perhaps I could dump heat into my pool.

Seems reasonable?


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