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Posted by Don Kelly on October 28, 2003, 11:32 pm

You are not naive. The process so far is in the nanowatt range and the
efficiency is about  0.04% at best.  In the original paper, it is not touted
as a replacement for commercial scale power generation (i.e. present hydro
has efficiencies in the 90-95% range and GW range plants exist-this is hard
to beat). The only potential actually suggested is a possibility for low
power devices such as cellphones and this only after considerable more
development. It is definitely not a way around conservation of energy.

The problem with quotes(?) is that something said in jest, often gets blown
out of proportion. I'm sure that Dr. Kostiuk will be regretting this - a
former colleague of mine in engineering at the University of Alberta was
bitten this way and it got to Reader's Digest and from there to friends at
Stanford, JPL, etc who really rubbed it in.
There are a few other errors in the article due to the twist put in as well
as omissions.

Go to the Journal article and avoid the newspaper articles. I see no problem
with parallel channels.
(in x direction) I believe one of the Edmonton Journal or CBC news articles
directs you to the applicable site where you can get the journal paper free
for a few days

Original was with glass microchannels
Don Kelly
remove the urine to answer

Posted by Peterthinking on November 5, 2003, 2:53 am
It can be glass or ceramic.
imagine a large hourglass made of two 55 gallon drums (plastic)
now the tube that connects the drums has a large ceramic filter like you
find in inline water filter systems,something around 1u....or the smaller
ones back packers use to filter pond water to drink.
run a wire from each drum to a load...like a few leds.
a little salt in the water would make it work better.

could be a rain barrel too...hook up to gutter.

you'd get a lot more out of a paddle wheel in the rain gutter though.
and you'd never get enough out to flip the hourglass over again so forget
about the free energy stuff.

you may be able to read a voltage across a ceramic inline filter in your
house if it can't leak to ground.(plastic pipes and an insulated destination
for the water to go to like a plastic laundry tub or bucket.)

an interesting toy and something to think about but I wouldn't be getting my
hopes very high.

.05% of the energy needed to move 55 gallons 4 feet doesn't wow me but it's
cool to think about.

as far as I know noone has tried to make a water powered electrically lit
hourglass or tried to scale it up or tried domestic water filters so don't
go nuts buying filters on a couple random thoughts of mine.




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