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Posted by mikemurphy on May 11, 2006, 12:08 am
Hi all

I'm putting together a website (and perhaps other media) about the
range of experiences people have as they become involved with solar
energy, especially solar electric power and home heating systems.

If you've put in a solar system, or are exploring the possibilities, or
have decided against it, or have any thoughts you'd like to share about
going solar, I invite you to spend a few minutes at special web page
I've set up to gather your comments, stories, and advice.

Here's where to go:    www.clearpathmedia.com/solarstories.asp

Thanks in advance for any experiences and insights you can share! And,
if you can think of other people who might have something to say about
solar, please forward this link on to them.

 -----   Mike Murphy

ClearPath Media

(In the hope of gathering many diverse perspectives, I'm sending this
to a very wide range of people -- friends, aquaintances, present and
past work contacts, school contacts, newsgroup folks, and many other
people whose stories I'm curious to hear. I'm hoping to help people
share insights and opinions, not selling anything or advocating for any
cause, and, if I've annoyed you by sending this to you without your
request, I apologize.)

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