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Goldline GL-30 question

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Posted by Les Wilson on October 15, 2005, 3:43 pm
We just had our solar heat repaired and the tech installed a new Goldline
GL-30 differential.

We have a "black wall" collector on the south facing wall of our house that
brings cool air from registers near the floor of the 2nd story and blows the
heated air down into the first floor from a ceiling vent (with the theory
that convection currents will take care of the rest - although eventually
I'd like to duct the "output" of the blower into the cold-air return of
forced-air heating system so the solar heat better circulates around the
house).  The tech put a thermistor on the 2nd floor (storage sensor) and a
thermistor in the collector.

What's the ideal settings on the GL-30 for the differential and the
collector high limit?  I'd like to maintain a temp of about 72-75 degrees in
the house, but can't find an "ideal" setting.

My understanding is that the high limit dial is the setting for when the
temp in the collector reaches a certain point, it shuts down the system.
What I don't understand is the turn-on setting... and how that relates to
the indoor temp and the collector temp.

I'd like to get the most use of the system this winter without turning the
house into an oven.

Thanks in advance!

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