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Posted by Mary Fisher on July 17, 2006, 9:03 am

Well, I live in a high crime area, have done for more than 40 years. I
reckon that all the local lads know exactly what's in our house, they've
probably been in (we're not obsessed with security) and they've decided that
there's nothing they can exchange for a few pounds.


Posted by <usenet2006 on July 17, 2006, 11:46 pm
In article
dont_bug_me@all.uk says...

That's true.  One time, many years ago, my flat was burgled.  The
perp leaned way off of a fire escape landing (hanging his arse
two stories above the sidewalk) and climbed in the window.  In
the middle of the day.  It must have taken serious effort and

He stole an old boom-box with a broken tape deck.

And nothing else.

In the same area, I had repeated car burglaries.  A couple of
them didn't find anything (e.g. just dumping out the glove box
contents, and leaving the door open.)  But a couple others popped
the boot open and took the jack, tyre wrench, etc.  At least one
happened inside a gated/fenced carpark.

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Posted by Jeff on July 18, 2006, 1:22 pm
 usenet2006@THE-DOMAIN-IN.SIG wrote:

Now, that's funny!

Typically burglars are in the neighborhood, and know your habits.

I was buying some used tires once, when a derelict pushed in a shopping
cart filled with 4 new tires/wheels. Must have just found them on the
street, so to speak!

   But seriously, I've had my 1988 New Yorker stolen 3 times, it's an
easy car to steal once you break the window and steering column.
Although everything was gone through, none of the tools were ever stolen.

   You must have a higher class criminal over there, ours are just lazy!


Posted by Anthony Matonak on July 18, 2006, 2:22 am
 Mary Fisher wrote:

Thieves are not always the best informed or most intelligent
people. They may break in even if you don't have anything and,
in the process, cause significant damage. Once inside, they
may steal items which you feel are not worth much, such as
kitchen appliances or old stereo's. At the very least, you
have an identity which can be sold.

I don't know what the best deterrent is, but giving up all
hope of ever owning anything doesn't sound right to me.
It's a bit like saying "The best way to avoid rape is to
want to have sex with everyone."


Posted by Mary Fisher on July 18, 2006, 9:37 am

They're well enough informed round here not to have done that.

They'd have a job with the plumbing :-)

We don't have those. Nor new onescome to that but if I had an old one I
woudn't keep it hanging about.

Much good may it do them!

I own things, some valuable - to us. They are not easily saleable, or even
recognisable as valuable. They can't be handed over in exchange for enough
money for the next fix, which is the reason for theft in our area.

The fact is that we don't want more than we need. Anything else is fluff.

I don't understand that.

What I do know is that Spouse is paranoid about keys and credit cards and
the like. He's always checking that he has them and panics if he's put them
in a different pocket. He has lost them from time to time too, they've
always been returned.

I don't waste my life worrying about such things. If I can't find them I'm
confident that they'll turn up - and they do. I've never lost them
permanently and have a much more relaxed life.



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