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Posted by john.dawson on June 12, 2006, 12:51 pm
DJ wrote:

My DIY system not installed yet but I'm planning to use the house
central heating as a dump loop i.e. turn on the pump (but not the
heating!), switched by the solar controller overheat detection stat and
a few relays; means installing controls, but no extra piping; due to
limited heat capacity probably insufficient for a sunny climate but
should hopefully do for Ireland; in any case worst case scenario is
water boils and vents to outside, meaning you'd need to top up on your
return. JD

Posted by Mary Fisher on June 12, 2006, 12:57 pm

That sounds very clever. Next time you come across the water give me a call
and explain it to Spouse :-)

To date it hasn't exceeded 70C, that's been in the last week of heatwave. We
haven't been drawing off the water until evening washing up. It's been
interesting to keep an eye on it and be prepared for the worst - which
hasn't happened.


Posted by Gary on June 6, 2006, 9:32 pm
 Thomas Flannigan wrote:

This is what Heliodyne says in Gobi collector manual:

If the collector system is properly installed and utilizes an antifreeze
mixture, it is protected against freezing and boil-out and
does not require a shutdown for periods less than a month. However, if the
system is to be unused for more than one
month, a shutdown is recommended. Switch the controller to OFF or unplug, and
cover the collectors securely with a tarp
or plywood during prolonged summer absences.

They also say to make sure all the plumbing is good for 150psi to withstand the
pressures that go with stagnation (I guess).


The antifreeze will degrade faster if exposed to high temperatures -- low
quality ones faster.

Some people cover the panels with shade cloth to prevent overheating, or provide
a heat dump (e.g. a hot tub like thing with a coil of pipe in it).

Fabrizio's solution looks particularly elegant!


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Posted by Brian Graham on June 20, 2006, 5:27 pm
 Here's a thought. Most people put in check valves to avoid thermosiphoning at
night. Perhaps you want to ensure it occurs during vacations.. (run the pump at
night or bypass the check-valve)

Just a thought..

Personally, I was planning putting two 4x8 sheets of plywood on mine..

I finally got our solar water heater to work, and it is not doing very
well.  The glycol comes off the roof between 126 and 145 Fahreheit.
With two small children, the abundant hot water is a Godsend.
    What are the risks if we go away for 11 days in July or August?  I
have read that a system can be damaged if it gets too hot.

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