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Hello and Seeking Members Interested in Global Energy Assessment

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Posted by Ramesh Mani on January 9, 2009, 10:24 am
Hi all,

Great to know there is such an active forum in India to articulate its
energy future and sustainable living initiatives. Incidentally, I
returned back to India earlier this year following a long innings at
CERA. My interest area is on World Energy Assessment and how the
results hold pertinence for India. Please connect with me directly if
any one in the group's membership shares the same interest.

For those who are interested, The Global Energy Assessment
( www.globalenergyassessment.org ) will present a First Order Draft
around March 1, 2009 .Prof. Thomas Johannson, Senior Advisor, Energy
and Climate Change, UNDP & Co-recipient, Nobel Peace Prize to the
IPCC, 2007, will be India speaking at the Green Energy Summit:
http://www.greenenergysummit.com   based on that work. Should any of
you be attending the summit, please connect with me, so we can hook up
early on.

Ramesh Mani

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