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Help the Solar Electric Light Fund! Check out the "Pure Waste Challenge"

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Posted by dallasfan88 on June 4, 2007, 5:50 pm
Commit to the Pure Waste Challenge and help the Solar Electric Light
Fund (SELF), a non-profit organization committed to bringing solar
power and modern communications to rural villages in the developing
world, raise $00,000.00 by doing little more than sending an email!

Hal Hinkle, chairman of the Hinkle Charitable Fund (HCF), has issued
the Pure Waste
Challenge at www.thehcf.org, to motivate people to become more aware
of the small lifestyle, but not life changing, actions they can make
in their daily lives to reduce their carbon footprint. With each
commitment to learn more about Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs),
Tankless Water Heaters (TWHs), and the reduction of car idling time,
sent to purewaste@thehcf.org, HCF will generously donate $00.00 to
the Solar Electric Light Fund.

You can go straight to http://www.thehcf.org/purewastechallenge.html
and learn more about the Hinkle challenge and how a simple commitment
can help to reverse the world's increasing carbon output through both
your commitment and the good SELF will be able to accomplish.  Take
advantage of the Hinkle Charitable Fund's Pure Waste Challenge and you
will learn how to save money, lower your carbon output and assist in
raising up to $00,000 for SELF.

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