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Posted by Solar Flare on November 23, 2005, 12:50 am
When you post your news provider sends back a signal
that the message is received. This misses sometimes and
the message sits waiting again. If you use the same
browser for email then your "check for updates on a
periodic basis" option is probably on and keeps sending
and looking for new messages, over and over. Turn that
off if you can.

In short, bad receive communications.

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Posted by Iain McClatchie on November 23, 2005, 3:34 am
Dennis> Is there a way I can cost effectively make this water
Dennis> proof without the EPDM?  Also, what do you think about
Dennis> putting the water storage under the basement floor?

EPDM cost is the least of your worries.  Think about the roof.

 15' x 20' EPDM sheet:              117.00
 25' x 20' EPDM sheet:              146.25
 4" EPS foam on sides and bottom:      300.00
 30' x 18' corrugated aluminum roof:      900.00 (wild guess)
 30' x 18' 2-wall 8mm polycarbonate:      918.00
 1/8 HP circulator pump:          200.00
 control:                  300.00 (guess)
 misc:                      500.00
 total:                    $381

Note: system will provide ~2.5 therms/day for a 200+ day
heating season, or around $00/year in equivalent cost of
gas heating.  Payback time around 5 years, but you should
assume that controller is going to fail every 5 years or so.

You could scale it down, of course.

Now, would I be worried about putting all that water in the
basement?  I'm looking at having a 10k gallon tank in the
house my wife and I are building.  This is in California,
where having a hot tank in the basement during the summer
is not a great idea.  We are essentially on top of the San
Andreas, and the basement is already complicated as a result.

...so I backed off, and we're specifying it as an in-ground
tank about 20 feet from the house, under a deck.  So am I
being hypocritical suggesting you put your tank in the
basement?  Maybe.  We have issues you don't.  Our house is
probably more valuable than this cottage, and will be used

(Extra sources:)
EPS foam: http://www.waynesbuildingsupply.com/eps.html

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