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Posted by Jack on November 6, 2003, 7:46 pm
Alec Chiasson wrote:

 frankly speaking funding is already provided by my friends
what I need is flexible big size Peltier module sheets of 100 cm x 100



Posted by Alec Chiasson on November 7, 2003, 3:38 am

 ( November 4 )

 > I am looking for a comany interested to work on...

 ( November 6 )

 > > You expect to get funding from anyone when you keep changing your
 >  frankly speaking funding is already provided by my friends

 So, frankly speaking, you are offering to pay a company to develop these
 technologies? Also, you haven't built any prototypes, yet you are selling
 the invention? Please explain.


Posted by Jack on November 7, 2003, 4:13 am
 Alec Chiasson wrote:

completely wrong
I am making my life-saving wafer on my own.
I need to find a manufacturer of cheap big size flexible Peltier module
sheets in size of 100 cm x 100 cm.

Also, you haven't built any prototypes, yet you are selling

I am just making my life saving wafer, not selling it yet.

Inventor of Tomosonography and Tomoultrasonography.  
All rights reserved 2003.
Global Inventors Organization
14 inventions for auction sale
starting bid $700 a piece

Posted by Alec Chiasson on November 7, 2003, 8:32 am

More amusement, you contradict yourself again...here, I'll reprint the whole

( November 4 )

 So, which is it? Are you building it on your own or with help?

Sorry for the confusion. Allow me to rephrase.
Also, you haven't built any prototypes, yet you are selling your
Tomosonography and Tomoultrasonography inventions? Please explain.

On second thought, don't bother. I've merely been trying to figure out which
of the four possibilites apply to you:
1) Insanity
2) Fraud
3) Both of the above
4) Leg pulling

Troll behaviour is fine when it involves 1 or 4, but if you're committing
fraud, then you're asking for trouble.

"Frankly speaking", I think you're just mostly insane. Nobody would go to
such great lengths to joke around unless they were insane, anyone who thinks
somebody would pay $700 for a nonexistent, absurd invention is insane, and
anyone who insanely hops from topic to topic while expecting people to
believe him is, well, truly insane.

Completely wrong, am I? Then forward the information I asked for, or stop
calling yourself an inventor of anything, other than lies.

The Troll Hunter

Posted by Alec Chiasson on November 7, 2003, 4:50 pm

Let me make it perfectly clear, again. I am not interested in your energy

You're a freak. Just keep talking though, everyone else knows by now too.

I really hope you do, as it will help to locate your fraudulent activities.

Paranoid too.

More insanity.

Stop posting prices for bogus inventions, or start providing information to
back up your claims. Also, stop changing the thread to deflect people from
the truth. Are you ever going to answer my questions? What's the process in
buying your inventions that are for sale? I give you $700 on faith and get
air mail ( a letter with air in it ) in return? Or do you provide any
information for a prospective buyer? Or are you insane? Yes...

Again, do you expect to sell an invention without any proof of it's
existence? Because if you do, that is fraudulent activity. Also, why do you
keep crossposting to alt.test? Alt.test is obviously not related to any RE
newsgroup. Again, ( 4th time? ) please provide contact information and a
source for details on this Tomo-etc. Or for any of your "inventions", for
that matter.


Inventor of  Clay Troll Launcher (tm)
All Rights Reserved 2003


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