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How to build self-powered perpetual motion heat pump ? - Page 7

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Posted by Don Kelly on November 6, 2003, 1:46 am

They exist and work a lot better than cold fusion

You seem to be sure that the water fuel cell is a viable option but have
given no evidence to show that. I did ask if it was Meyer's water fuel cell
but had no answer. -then what is it?

If it is used to transform heat energy to electrical energy then it is using
waste heat from the solar cell.   Will this cool it?  If it does then the
Peltier output decreases and the cooling effect decreases. If you intend to
use the Peltier to cool the solar cell (why?) then you will need an energy
source to accomplish this.

Both Piezo and Electret are intended to use energy of sea

fine- but have you looked at the characteristics (particularly voltage
levels and power output levels) of these and the energy conversion
How these various thing behave is something that you should know.
Now you have a device sitting in the sun, and getting further input from the
sea and wind and somehow adding on bits and pieces that, as far as I can
see, are actually energy sinks


They are damned relevant. Maybe that is why you don't want to face them.

,excellence or feasibility. I can claim that pigs can fly but backing it up
is a problem.

Or, you are whistling in the wind.

so far so good

-?????- got one that works?

Now put together as you propose - you may end up with the good sources
producing energy which is absorbed by the rest of the setup resulting in
less output than would be available from the solar and wind sources

What source -Keelynet? You are still avoiding the issue. There are good
sources on the net but for every one of these there are sources which are,
put basically, pure bullshit. Got any references? Can you separate the real
from the imagined?
 > What you say for some components is fine- for others it is nonsense


Any references re water fuel cell? Any physical backing for this?
 --> overall energy conversion

You are right - there is not even that.

No- I am thinking of what happens in the whole package and wanting to know
what the energy flows and balances are. You havenot provided any information
regarding this and your concept has shifted around from heat pump/engine to
a mix of other ideas without any reasoning. At one time you were getting
electric energy from osmosis but also indcated that osmosis doesn't need
energy input. Shades of perpetual motion.
Solar, sea, wind and if you have your 7th element- chemical. The rest ???

Good - now we are getting to a number of different known devices working
independently in layers(?) We have those. Relative power output  of the
propsed mechanisms??? Where is the invention here?
 Independent sources feeding to a common load - fine-  This is not new -but,
until now you have not indicated or implied such independence. Remember that
you started with an impossible heat pump/engine scheme and now are throwing
in a whole mixture of ideas without due consideration of the interactions
(or lack of).  My following comment still holds.

That is a non-answer.

  > is Piezo ?

Those exist -I do not deny that..
 > is cold fusion ?
problem here- where's the evidence that it actually exists? Sounded good but
it appears to be a dud.

These exist but you forgot your amazing water fuel cell which is also a

The problem is that you are trying to layer things that work with things
that don't and have simply ignored any analysis of what the end result will
be. Don't you think that some form of analysis and backing up of such
analysis with solid data or theory might be useful?  Simply because some of
the things that you promote are feasible, doesn't mean the combination is
feasible (particularly when you throw in cold fusion and water fuel cells).

Possibly many years being exposed to a scientific and engineering education
and practice  and the associated need to defend ideas against  criticism
(compared to which, my criticism of your ideas is really quite gentle) may
have something to do with it. It is also a desire to see some meat rather
than wishful thinking. If you know what you are about then you should be
able to answer my questions/criticism with solid analysis/data.  So far, you
haven't tried.



goodness me - first it was 5 then 6 then 7 and now 10.
Go ahead. Have fun.
If you succeed, I'll eat crow. Boiled.
I won't heat the water yet if you don't mind.
Don Kelly
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Posted by Duane C. Johnson on November 6, 2003, 2:03 am
Hi Don;

Haven't you figured it out yet?
Jack is a troll!
He has hooked you big time.

3 words.

Just walk away.


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Posted by Jack on November 6, 2003, 2:42 am
 "Duane C. Johnson" wrote:

(unfair competition practices spam cut)

Posted by Bruce in Alaska on November 6, 2003, 7:13 pm

Not only is Jack a TROLL, he is a very well_read TROLL, who can
use the "Buzzwords" very well.  Although he uses the buzzwords
well the conclusions he comes to are JIBBERISH, and show his
lack of comprehension of Physics.   I repeat the above, "Just
walk away".  This guy isn't worth your or MY time.  He needs to
add another layer of foil tohis hat.

Bruce in alaska
add a <2> before @

Posted by Don Kelly on November 13, 2003, 4:45 am
 You and Bruce are absolutely correct. I will follow your advice.

Don Kelly
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