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If any of you are activists out there this looked interesting

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Posted by renewable_future on July 24, 2006, 7:14 pm
The U.S. Climate Emergency Council and the Chesapeake Climate Action
Network present:
Washington, DC October 6-7

Want to raise $0,000 for your group in just two weeks? Want to double
your email list in two months? If Al Gore's film changed the way you
see the world, this training will change the way you organize in your

Concerned Americans are becoming increasingly aware that global warming
is a planetary emergency. Al Gore's documentary film makes clear that
we don't have much time to act. So come to Washington, D.C. on the
weekend of October 6-7th and leave fully equipped with practical steps
to make a difference in your community.

The staff of U.S. CEC and CCAN have been engaged in direct grassroots
organizing around global warming issues for more than four years.
We've learned a lot in that time about what works and what doesn't
work. Our training will not contain theories or hypotheses from
academics and think tanks. We'll give you the real deal:
battle-tested actions and tactics that have already worked!

Learn how to:
    Raise $0,000 in two weeks no matter where you live;
    Grow your e-mail list from a few dozen to a few thousand in a very
short time;
    Plan and execute effective local and state campaigns;
    Get the media's attention with creative tactics already proven to
    And MORE!!

Please join us on Friday, Oct. 6 for a reception and stirring keynote
address and Saturday, Oct. 7 for a full day of activist trainings.
Leave with 10 concrete things that will make you a better organizer
around climate issues.

WHO'S INVITED: People who are ready to fight global warming in their
community. This includes students, people of faith, professional
activists, sprawl-fighters, teachers, nurses...

WHAT:  Ten Secrets to Better Climate Organizing hosted by U.S. CEC and

WHEN: The evening of Friday, October 6; all day Saturday, October 7

WHERE: Washington, DC (location TBA)

RESERVATIONS: $0.00 includes registration and food, discounted lodging
is extra.

RSVP: Anne Havemann email: anne@chesapeakeclimate.org   Phone:

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