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Posted by Brian Graham on May 3, 2006, 3:50 pm
By the way, the vertical wall on the steel box is 3" tall..

My wood stove has 2 levels on it. The bottom level is 36" x 6". So, I had a
steel box made up with those dimensions. I started off with 1/8" steel but found
it bowed under the pressure. 36x6x70,120 lbs pressure on the top & bottom
plates. It DID bow the steel. So I added another 1/8 plate top & bottom. It's
flat now. :-)

I have installed a sacrificial anode in the tank, and will be installing a
pressure relief valve in it this summer. I have valves in each of my tanks
downstairs, but there are shutoffs in between.

The system works very well. From a cold start at 7pm, I can have the tank on the
stove HOT by 11.

In fact, my setup works so well, I'll be adding 2 more 10x10 boxes on the top
level of my stove (on either side of the stovepipe). This will effectively
double my collection surface area and give me surplus heat to dump in my air
ducts. A friend's test results started this thread. Very very effective.

FYI, without the wood stove, my oil bill would have been about $000 a year.
With the stove, my oil has dropped to $00 along with $50 in wood last year.
Now I plan to dump extra heat in the air ducts. I expect to cut the oil bill to
$50 or so.

And if I still want to pump production, I can switch my solar panels from water
to propelyne glycol and collect some more heat in the winter. That may yet come..

I'm interested in your "box on my wood stove".
Can you provide details?

Thank you

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