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Posted by Morris Dovey on January 26, 2011, 4:37 am

It's much too quiet around here...

I needed to take a break from studying, so dug out some old (1983) C
code I wrote to use an Epson FX80 dot matrix printer as a plotter and
reworked it to plot 24-bit color on (into?) a PPM graphic file.

The plan is to develop a model for fluidyne (air/water) and hydrodyne
(all-water) engines and incorporate a ready-to-publish graphical output

I just got the plotter software working and after playing with a couple
of small test programs, finally worked it into an early fluidyne model
and plotted out a Carnot cycle. Hoo-Ha!

If anyone is curious about what software types do for amusement, I made
a simple web page with a sample test program and the first "plotted"
outputs. The program shown produced the first of the plotter images. The
web page is at


Enjoy! :)

Morris Dovey

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