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Posted by Morris Dovey on February 25, 2006, 4:54 pm
Steve (in zLCdncJ1gJMX_J3ZRVn-iA@comcast.com) said:

| This may be silly questions:
|   Have they always contacted you?
|   If you have contacted them, have you done so with a phone number
| of email address they gave you?
| It sounds like it might not be Mother Earth News, but sombody
| scamming for free merchandise.
| I would suggest verifying the source of the requests (if you haven't
| already).

Steve (and anyone else who may have been following this thread) -

I contacted TMEN by e-mail (using the contact address on their web
site) and got a "We're checking on this..." response from Heidi Hunt,
Assistant Editor, followed by a positive response from Cheryl Long,
Editor, so I think I'm actually communicating with real staff members.
I'm considering that the source has been verified.

I haven't gotten the same info from any two of the three people with
whom I've communicated there; and Charles Higginson, the Associate
Editor who was the original contact, has presented a different story
with every phone call/e-mail.

When I originally posted my query here, I was teetering on the edge
between wanting to "get the word out" and backing away from an
organization with whom any kind of cooperative association might be

The e-mail from the associate editor that presented me with an
unlimited obligation to treat Dan Chiras, the author, better than
cash-paying dealers and customers doesn't require paranoia to
recognize as at least "questionable".

Direct feedback from friends and e-mails from a few people here has
all suggested that I proceed with care; and the concern has been
much-appreciated. This morning I sent off an e-mail declining their

Morris Dovey
DeSoto Solar
DeSoto, Iowa USA

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