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Looking for a Grant Writer/Organizational Development Specialist + Chief Operating Officer

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Posted by Greg Hering on August 1, 2007, 10:46 pm
Looking for a Grant Writer/Organizational Development Specialist +
Chief Operating Officer

Action for Clean Energy (ACE) is a 501 (c)(3) organization located in
the greater Boston area that is dedicated to getting communities to
green. Organized to educate communities, businesses, and citizens
about the concrete environmental and fiscal benefits of green
technologies and practices, ACE helps organizations through the entire
process, from community education to project commissioning. In
addition to educating and guiding today's leaders towards sustainable
practices, ACE successfully educates tomorrow's leaders in a unique
way.  ACE educates and mobilizes Boston's college student population
by opening doors of opportunity because it firmly believes that the
best way to learn something is to do it. Through their respective
college chapters of ACE, students lead in project management, design,
and support, educate others through community outreach and education,
and lobbying for change through ACE's political arm. ACE brings
opportunity for leaders to have a measurable positive impact on the
world. ACE empowers doers in a world of talkers.

ACE is looking for highly motivated candidates to fill two positions.

Grant Writer/Organizational Development

Candidates for the grant writing and organizational development
position will have entrepreneurial backgrounds with strong writing and
organizational skills. The position will lead grant writing and
organizational development projects. The position is funded upon
positive by its own grant writing. Expected qualifications include 3
years experience in grant writing, an undergraduate or higher degree,
and a working background in renewable energy and sustainable
development. The position is full time.

Chief Operating Officer

Candidates for the position of Chief Operating Officer will coordinate
the day to day activities of ACE including college chapter
organization coordination, education management, project solicitation
and oversight, facilities tour coordination, organization advertising,
and brand building. A working background of renewable energy and an
entrepreneurial mindset is a must. Experience in start up ventures is
helpful but not required.

Please send CV to andy@actionforcleanenergy.com by August 15th.

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