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More info for those trying to help with my motor wiring question

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Posted by no spam on April 19, 2007, 8:55 pm
First of all thanks for all the help everyone has offered so far.

After way too much time I FINALLY managed to get the blower out of the unit
AND the motor into a position I can read the tag.  The info I got off is
that it is an A.O. Smith md# F48G44A48, listed as 3.1 amps, 4 speed.  It
also has a connection diagram that looks sort'a like this:

                    0 SEP CAP
                             | line
 HI                        |
 MH                      |
 ML           --------|
 Lo                        |

There's more info on the tag but to get at it is going to require a lot more
break down of the unit.  I can do it if needed but I would much rather know
if the blower works before I spend any more time on it.

Again thanks for the help.

Posted by neanderthal on April 20, 2007, 6:39 am
no spam wrote:

I'm trying to read this scheme, and I assume that the motor is on the
right. Is it?

If so, **IF IT IS A 220v AC UNIT**, I would connect:
- one 220v ac lead to the orange wire
- and the second 220v ac lead (trough the 220v 100w light bulb, to make
a security test without blowing anything) to one of the 4 speed inputs
(lo, ml, mh or hi).

 >Crawling back into the unit I find that the orange wire and the wire
to >the transformer are connected to a wire from one of the breakers.

So it should be a 220v line input...

 >Ok, there's 3 wires from a 220V line; two 'hot' and a 'ground'.  Which
 >wire do I connect to where?  One problem is I don't even know if the
 >thing works so I won't know if I have it connected correctly or not if
 >it doesn't work.

Here in my country, we've got 3 wires from the 220v ac (now 230v), being
- the hot 220v wire
- the 220v neutral
- the ground/earth

If it's the same in your country, I would connect the earth/ground
(yellow-green) to the metal case (there should already be a
non'insulated connection present on the motor).
And I'd use the other two as 220v inputs as stated above (one to the
orange wire, the other to one speed input, passing through the light
bulb to avoid problems if the motor is short-circuited or if it happens
to be the wrong wiring...)

Posted by neanderthal on April 20, 2007, 6:40 am
 neanderthal wrote:

Sorry, I made a typo! I wrote on the right, but I meant ON THE LEFT

Posted by no spam on April 23, 2007, 4:57 pm
That is just a rough drawing of a diagram I found on the motor itself.

Doesn't work that way here.  You have two 110V legs coming into the breaker
box to get 220V you connect one wire to each and the ground/neutral to the
ground at the box.

Posted by neanderthal on April 24, 2007, 6:42 am

And how do you do to connect a 110V appliance, without a fourth wire
(which obviously can't be the ground connector)?

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