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Posted by Mho on March 20, 2013, 6:35 pm
Do NOT attempt to use a "On-Demand" water heater. They do not work in this  
application without extensive extra plumbing!

Instant hot water heaters (gas units) require a minimum BTU request to turn  
on (smallest burner section available) . When your water is warm they will  
not top up the temperature unless you draw a lot of volume!


"Tom Kessler"  wrote in message  

I'd like an expert opinion on the best plumbing and control scheme for the  
following solar hot water  system.

1 - Two story home in a sub-tropical climate (20 N Lat) - never freezes, no  
glycol, etc.
2-  Evacuated tube collector with 25 gallon tank  on the roof.
3 - LP gas water heater on 1st floor.
4 - House is plumbed with hot water recirculation line to boiler from  
farthest bathroom.

Would like suggestions a completly automatic control and plumbing scheme  
between solar only, boiler assisted, and boiler only modes.  I can retrofit  
the boiler to electronic pilot ignition.

Has anyone tried to implement this and optimize number of valves,  
controller, etc?
Or refer me to someone who has...  thanks

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