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Need some guidance to build my own power generation system - Page 2

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Posted by Phillip on February 7, 2009, 5:33 am
The way I read the article, it looks like your new article, although easier,
it looks like it may not be as powerful as your older article. I am fairly
mechanical, and felt that I could build the older one fairly easyily.
Is the newer DIY model close to being as efficient? If so that WOULD be the
way to go!

You have done a LOT of research and developement, so I very highly value
your input!

Thanks again for all of your input and research!


Posted by azuredu on February 7, 2009, 6:07 am

The first article gives the principle, while the new one brings the
concrete construction details. For example, the first article didn't
tell you how the parabolic cylinder can be constructed. Then the
method of torsion bars is described in the second one.

I was not aware of this method when I wrote the first one. I thought
it was easy to use mold or ribs, until people trying them told me that
they didn't work as well as I thought. This is the principal
improvement in the new description. It is with the torsion bars that
you can achieve a vey high optical precision, not obtainable by
"usual" methods. The easy construction is only a byproduct.

So the DIY model is not merely "as efficient". It is much more
efficient. I know I should write a scientific article explaining the
mathematics behind the torsion bars, but right now I have no time.

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