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New: The Perfect Perpetual Motion Device For Electric Micro-Generation

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Posted by george on February 28, 2008, 1:56 am
The So Called "Impossible" Becomes Realitty

" After all, we really don't need to be "attached" to Oil, Nuclear and other
Lobbies to sufice the ammount of Electric Power needed in Modern Society

Greetings for all the members of this Discussion Group

Only recently I realized the existence of this Community.

I'm writting, to give you all, the news about a machine that is now
developped and is in Final Apreciation for World Patent.

The principle of this machine that transforms perpetual linear motion in
circular motion, is one fluid, that may be as simple as ... Water.

It's principles are ... Density, Impulsion and ... Gravity... !!

I know it is hard for the so called Establishment what is said before, but
what is a fact is that the machine does not obbey to the main principles of
Termodynamics as we know it ...

The process is auto-continuous, feeds itself and by a simple principle of
Crankshaft - Lever, generates torque enough to move a mechanical electrical
generator. Of course, it depends on the size of the machine we are intended
to build.

It has the ability to produce power for local needs, without having
high-voltage cables crossing long distances.

It's not dependent of other kind of energy: Sun,Wind,Oceans or Rivers.

Unlike other ways of energy production implemented nowadays, it's not
subject to weather adversity and is not subject to the interference we know
in traditional Power-Lines.

It's absolutelly independent... it can be moved from one location to
another... not having the environment hazard other moveable generators have.

It's absolutelly Safe and Ecological.

So ... we have an equipment that is able to suffice the induvidual needs ,
and can generate power to be injected into the Power Grid ... becoming the
perfect micro-generator ........

It soon will be presented to the media worldwide.

Best Regards

George L.


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