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Posted by Gary on June 3, 2005, 2:09 am
Hi Rob,


I think a about the same.

I don't see our government doing anything but to try to keep the
gasoline prices low, and to blame the high prices on a conspiracy
somewhere by someone.  They know that people don't want to hear that
world oil production is peaking, and prices are going to go up, and
life styles are going to have to change.

But, It seems to me that the hybrids pay well even with the current
gas prices.  I "invested" about $000 extra to get the hybrid
features.  At current gas prices, I figure I will save almost $500
per year in gas compare to my old car.  A $500 per year return on a
$000 investment seems pretty darn good to me.  I think that the
saving will get even better as gas prices go up over the next few years.
Besides all that, the car is just a joy to drive.

Thanks for the link in the other post.


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Posted by Rob Dekker on June 2, 2005, 2:27 am


Here is the best overview I found, and the web site is kept up-to date :

It not only shows the SolarTres (successor of Solar 1 / 2) project,
but also many other solar-thermal projects (planned or in initial construction)
around the world.
A 100MW plant in South Africa, and two in Israel, and even a 200MW
plant in Australia (based on the chimney-design).
Pretty cool (hot) stuff.

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