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Open Source Instructional Video for Concentrated Solar Heat Collector

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Posted by Chad Keene on June 28, 2013, 6:06 am

Hello from Vyola and Kule in Ashland, Oregon!
Join us in promoting Kule?s latest solar development project that will cr
eate a free on-line video to build a commercial-scale or village-scale Conc
entrated Solar Heat Collector.  This is a breakthrough in solar technologie
s as it will be the first instructional video on the web for this scale of  
concentrated solar heat collection, and it will be available free on the we

Here?s the fundraising site:

We ask you to take just a couple of minutes to watch this inspirational vid
eo right away, and to share it with your friends and colleagues.  
Facebook users: Please ?Like? Kulemax Solar and share the site with you
r friends!

Your timely donation and/or networking help will make a difference in the w
orld, getting solar out there in a bigger way!

Please note: The Kickstarter fundraising campaign has a limited time. If th
e goal is not reached by July 30, then the project is not funded.  Your imm
ediate help can make all the difference.

You probably know someone or an organization that would be interested in bu
ilding this for their own use or commercial venture, and would want to see  
this funded for them or for millions around the globe. Anyone with basic co
nstruction skills can build this with relatively inexpensive materials. The
 parabolic trough design concentrates heat onto a collector from which heat
 can be passed to the end use such as a bakery, biofuels distillery, coffee
 roaster, heating of buildings or pools, or other applications.  

Also, the technology used to make the solar collector (that Kule developed  
in Costa Rica last winter) can be used to make simple cement structures usi
ng geotextile fabric, an important contribution to appropriate technology i
n itself!

Join the excitement of seeing this project come to fruition, and choose you
r Kickstarter Reward to celebrate your being part of this!

Blessings to you,
Vyola and Kule

Join Us for discussion at Jackson Wellsprings July 18th from 7-9pm.

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