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Payback and Algae Questions re Solar Pool Heating - Page 2

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Posted by donhdoyle@yahoo.com on January 11, 2007, 5:02 am
What about the need for light?  Doesn't algae require some
The installer said it would not grow inside black tubes and that there
was no problem.

In South Carolina where there are a lot of swimming pools and a lot of
sun, I had to hire an installer from an hour and a half away.  Her
business, Tablerock Technologies, is growing by leaps and bounds but it
still amazes me that there are not more coming into competition with
her.  If I were young and looking for a new business venture, this
would be it.

Unless I'm missing something the payback will be immediate if the cost
of solar is equal to the cost of a gas heater.  From that point
forward, for 12 years (the Heliocol guarantee) I'm heating for free and
putting that $00+ per month into ... hmmmm, what will I put it into?

Posted by ghostwriter on January 13, 2007, 7:23 am

donhdoyle@yahoo.com wrote:

Your right on the payback question, if the installation cost is the
same and the operating cost is 3x higher than its a no-brainer.  If
algea becomes a problem you might consider adding a second solar system
that pulls just a little bit of the water out and runs it though a
small vaccum tube system to heat it above sterlization tempature. The
problem might be that an oversized solar system kept the pool too warm
and thus encouraged algea growth.


Posted by Jeff on January 13, 2007, 1:07 pm
 ghostwriter wrote:

   You'll never know. That assumption is based on not having auxillary
heat (when there is not enough solar you would need that) and spending
$00+ every month with the conventional alternative. Would you have
spent that in August, will you be swimming outdoors through January?

   When you over simplify assumptions you wind up with a 30% approval


   That's an awfull lot of water, do the calcs before you ever do that.

   Also, Google searches don't yield solar/algae problems.



Posted by donhdoyle@yahoo.com on January 13, 2007, 2:10 pm
 I don't know enough about conventional (gas) heating costs, but the
question: do you WANT to swim in December or January, is worth asking.
Probably, whether with solar or gas, I wouldn't normally be using the
pool during the winter (but grandchildren might be!).  One of our
friends is a very successful lawyer and when he said they could not
afford to heat their pool after October or before March, I took notice.
The figure he gave us was $00 a month.  As for August, I am told the
water can get TOO hot and our installer says the system can be used to
cool things down (not sure I follow that).   But the point is that
whatever the cost of conventional heating I will not be paying it, and
if installation is the same for both systems then my payback is

The alternative not to heat at all is one our neighbors seem to be
taking.  They are building a pool at the same time (they needed access
through our back yard and the pool company said they'd cut a deal to do
two pools).  They have chosen to wait and see about heating.  I'm told
they will not be comfortable swimming until well into June and after
mid October.   I told them about the deal our solar installer was
offering and gave them the contact information.  I think they want to
try it without for a year, save their money now, and add on a heating
system later.

We're paying about $0k to install the pool.  Adding less than 10 pct
to double the time we can swim in it makes sense to me.


Jeff wrote:

Posted by SJC on January 13, 2007, 6:45 pm

  They make heat pumps specifically for cooling your pool in the summer.
Talk about wasteful spending on luxury items and energy usage..sheesh!

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