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Posted by Dave McMahon on September 3, 2003, 8:11 pm
Good sir  I don't have numbers, going to study at the open university this
year to learn the math,

But I do want to make as much steam/power/heat as possible because if the
system is more powerful than our needs.

I will sell some back to the national grid (at a time when energy might in
short supply this coming winter)

Also I hope to improve science in general (optics chemistry and obviously
physics at the same time hence my appreciation of Steve O'Hara-Smith's

In Britain we don't have as much sun as other countries, another reason to
maximise efficiency of plant
Still long way to go hopefully be more clear next year!

I also have to research backup system (batteries etc) for when sun no show I
had thought of covering the moon with foil! but then the cheese would go

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