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Polycarbonate vs. Steam. Study number 1 - Page 2

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Posted by Morris Dovey on December 2, 2005, 2:28 am
SJC (in MMNjf.5797$ob7.5347@trnddc04) said:

<< I have read some greenhouse sites on multiwall polycarbonate and
they say that one side is coated with a UV protectant that is suppose
last 10 years. However, there is no mention of steam, unless your
greenhouse doubles as a sauna :)..I assume this topic has to do with
the trickle
collectors mentioned. >>

Shucks, I thought we were talking about Solar Espresso. :-(

Morris Dovey
DeSoto Solar
DeSoto, Iowa USA

Posted by Mr X on December 7, 2005, 8:02 pm

big snip!

Thanks for a very interesting and insightful post
Mr X

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