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Posted by Duane C. Johnson on November 18, 2006, 5:40 pm

 > Most excellent project Duane. I am glad they
 > chose to use your tracker.

Yes. They are using the remote sensor version:
LED3XS24Vc3RM $5us

 > The 245 refrigerant

Pentafluoropropane R245
http://www.sinafar.com/products4.asp?the_id2 68

Propane R290
http://www.sinafar.com/products4.asp?the_id2 75

IsoButane R600a,
http://www.sinafar.com/products4.asp?the_id2 44

 > might work well in the scroll expander. It looks
 > like the boiler has to be up to about 300F, which
 > should be no problem with those large reflectors.
 > The fact that they use the waste heat for cooling
 > and water heat is very clever too.


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Posted by Jeff on November 18, 2006, 7:53 pm
Duane C. Johnson wrote:

   No familiarity with the Pentafluoropropane.

   I do know that if you are using mineral oil as the lubricant that it
is miscible in isobutane (good), but not in propane. A mix of propane
and isobutane makes a drop in replacement for R12.


Posted by Lee on November 27, 2006, 8:50 am
 Thanks to all who posted replies to my question.   Sounds like a power
steering pump may not be suitable.    What about using an air powered
tool like a grinder?   Would this be good to deliver 100 watts or so ie
drive steam or a working fluid through it?

Duane, I love your solar trackers (and your site).   We're building one
of similar design that seems to work pretty well so far.  It uses an op


Jeff wrote:

Posted by SJC on November 27, 2006, 4:54 pm
 I would say one consideration would be sealing.
You are dealing with refrigerant vapor. I would think
that scroll compressors, which are designed to handle
refrigerant,would be a better off the shelf bet.

Posted by Lee on December 12, 2006, 10:12 am
 Just an update if anyone is interested.   I bought some plans off ebay
that talked about using what is called a "Pollution Pump" (or Air Pump
or Air Injection Pump or Emission Control Pump) as a steam turbine.
I've never heard of them before but apparently they were fitted to a
lot of cars between the late 60's & early 80's.    GM makes one but the
one I got was off a Toyota Corona. It cost me $5   They have a pulley
& are driven off the fan belt.

I haven't tested mine with steam yet but when I blow though the pipe it
gives motion to the pulley so that's a good sign.   It looks like I
have to seal a couple of small vent holes in the case but apart from
that it looks like it will be pretty easy to hook up.

It says on the case that no oil should be used so I guess it doesn't
need any lubrication like a power steering pump.   Also I imagine being
an air pump exposed to a lot of condensation it would be pretty water
resistant so steam should be OK.   I think it's designed to work at
pretty high temperatures as well.   Perfect for the job!



SJC wrote:

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