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Press Release: Self Reliant Network

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Posted by dot on November 20, 2005, 6:04 am

Not Another Gun-Nut Survivalist Site!

Contact: Elray Jones
Email: http://www.self-reliant.net/contact
URL: http://www.self-reliant.net
Base: Fort Worth, Texas

That's right we are not a Gun-Nut Survivalist Site.

We have worked hard to provide a gathering place for coherent
organization of topics of a survivalist nature. Elray Jones is the
webmaster of this new service and has brought to the table over 25
years of design, and system development knowledge.
See http://www.self-reliant.net/2005/11/13/webmaster/

You will find powerful state-of-the-art technology deployed here. Our
Directory & Reference service is a custom program designed to quickly
reference the keywords in the page title to WikipediA the free
encyclopedia. Plus the title keyword is dispatched to seven top search
engines simultaneously. Also, our index pulls the top ten websites from
the MSN search site automatically and displays the links for your use
and are fully dynamic and constantly changing. With this service you
can conduct your research form one central location quickly and

Our Listings:
Amateur Radio, Avian Influenza, Biodiesel, Canning, Cooking, Fire
Making Skills, First Aid, Knot Making, Gardening, Hydro Power, Martial
Arts, Gas Mask, Military Tactics, Meals Ready to Eat, Recipes, Solar
Power, Survival Knifes, Tactics & Gear, Wild Game Hunting,
Wind Power.....[More to Come]

Link: http://www.self-reliant.net/directory-reference/

Article Categories:
Army Field Manuals, Cancer Survival, Commentary, Main, Medicine &
Remedies, Original Works, Politics, Prophesy, Survival Book Shelf,
Survival Library, Threat Assessments,

We are looking for Original content writers for our growing article
categories. If you have something to say that would be a help to
someone wanting to learn, please stop by and create an account for the
Publishing Blog it's quick and painless.

The term Survivalist is not just about guns and gear. It's about
Skills. Life Skills, People Skills, Self Reliant Living, Common Since,
Family Values, Planning, and Research. Our website is a good place to
learn about self reliant living and Skills for the future.

Self Reliant Network

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