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Proposed alternative energy group in N.E.lincs., (UK)

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Posted by Paul on November 20, 2005, 3:15 pm
I am assessing the level of interest in setting up an informal group to
share ideas and preferably practical experiences of solar and wind power.
I have a venue but with no workshop facilities or storage.
The meetings will be held in Cleethorpes (N.E.coast of UK, next to
Grimsby)and after an initial meeting to
assess the level of interest, fortnightly or monthly meetings would be
possible after that.
It would be hoped to encouragepeople to experiment with alternative
energy systems in order to save money on fuel bills.
The first meeting would be held in the new year when details have been
I have built my own solar hot water system and am now interested in building
and assisting others to build, an efficient wind turbine.
I would hope that we could find a suitable workshop where a large wind
turbine could be built and a suitable home for it!
Emphasis would be placed on LOW COST at all times.
Clearly you can find all the resources which you need on the internet, but
it can be a lonely business!
Please e-mail me if you are likely to be interested in such a group.


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