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Posted by News on December 21, 2003, 9:57 pm


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Posted by Bob Peterson on December 21, 2003, 10:13 pm

I recall how the wankel engine was gonna take over the world too.  It had a
lot more promise than anything before or after, and it never amounted to a
whole lot either because even after spending a bazillion dollars on it, a
major automobile company could not make it work "better" than a conventional
IC engine.

There certainly are better IC engines than typical gas powered ones (diesels
being the obvious answer), but so far all this QT has shown is a lot of
amateurish PR work, and a prototype that may or may not have actually done
any work.

Posted by News on December 21, 2003, 11:20 pm


The Quasiturbine is far superior in concept than the Wankel.

Only, NSU and Mazda did any serious work on this engine.  Norton motorcycles
improved it and used it in a bike about 13 years ago.  Norton spent a
considerable amount of money on development.  the company went broke and
virtually gave the rights of the engine away.  A company was thinking of
using it in light aircraft, with one plane fitted with the unit and flying.
One Norton unit was about 8 inches diameter and about 3 inches thick that
produced 12 BHP.  Couple two or three of these rotors together and it would
power a small car very well with large spaces left in the engine bay.  The
Wankel engine is best suited to high rev applications, hence bikes and
sports cars.  A Wankel powered Mazda car won the le Mans 24 endurance race
in 1991.

The Russians have at least two 2-rotor Wankles.  One powers the Volga-2
Ekranoplan aircraft.  The second is used in a helicopter, the the MI-34V.

The Wankel "is" better than conventional engines, look at the new Mazda RX8.
Vibration free, small (1300cc and competes with engines with 2.5 to 3 times
the cc), simple.  Fuel consumption could be better, but not bad at all, when
you consider the piston engines have had over 100 years of development by
major corp'ns on every continent, while the Wankle has had peanuts in
development in comparison.

Then drive a car with a Wankle engine.  Then you will be convinced.


All major journals speak highly of it.  I have read none that dismiss it.
They do have a working model that is for sure, with the concept being sound
and engineering of the unit well within modern engineering and manufacturing

If the auto industry is going to drop the piston engines, which it have too,
then I see no better design than the Qusiturbine around.  Research was
underway in England on a 2-stoke stepped piston, which a V4 was made and
worked admirably.  Research was underway into a square piston no crankshaft
unit (the pistons were arranged around a shaft in 360 degrees).  None of
these come close to the Quasiturbine.  It deserves a full blow prototype
version to power a small car.


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Posted by Roger Gt on December 22, 2003, 2:02 am
"News"  wrote in message






I had a Mazda with the infamous Wankel engine.  Ran great when I got it,
then after thirty thousand miles I learned that I would need a major rebuild
of the engine after 40 to 60 thousand miles.   Since I drove about that far
each year then, a rebuild each year was out of the question.  And Expensive!
I got a conventional 1600cc Toyota and put 545,000 miles on it before it
needed any major work.  Only replace the transmission and the usual wear
items.     The  Quasiturbine LOOKS like a wankel, and has no track record to
show an improvement in life or performance which is substantial nor is there
any particular advantage to such a change if there are no mechanics trained
to service it!

Hewlett Packard started their company in two garages, perhaps that is the
route the Quasiturbine should take!  Prove the performance in the field, and
the life expectancy!

Posted by News on December 22, 2003, 1:13 pm



The new RX8 engine is very different to the older versions.  the inlet and
exaust are on the side of the rotar, onthe side plate.  This improve power
and mpg.  The Rx8's 1300cc unit gives about 225 BHP, yes 225.   A rebuild on
a rotary is easy anyway. There is only a few parts, virtualy a DIY job.

It is not a Wankel engine at all, no than a gasoline engine is a diesel and
they look the same too.  Read the web sites description.

I6 is a new concept.  Of course there is no track record.

You have to be joking.

You give them a course, just as they do when new injection systems come out.

What are they going to do?  Write a letter to Chelsea's Russian owner for
the odd 100 million or so to develop and make the thing and then run it for
10 years?


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