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R.Murtha/Earmarks, G.M. and fuelcells to China, Solar Decathlon

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Posted by fusion on November 4, 2007, 5:50 pm
There are good earmarks and bad earmarks,like there are good patriots
and phony patriots, there is good and bad everywhere.

To have the "new" Wall Street Journal , controlled now by Rupert
Murdoch, attack R.Murtha for  earmark abuse is just rich: we must
remember when Rupert Murdoch was still an Australian citizen trying
get a permanent green card and citizenship in the USA and also trying
to buy the satellites and TV Stations of  Hughes and what now is
as Fox-TV,since the law did not let foreigners own USA TV Stations,
the Congress, after massive " greasing" ( the "super earmark") ,
changed the law as an exception only to Rupert Murdoch, so that he
could buy the USA satellites and USA TV Networks under special
provilege exceptions to the Rule of  Law and still a foreigner,an
absurd criminal and corrupt act that was the start of the collapse of
GM, the owner of the Hughes satellites, and that later went on to the
sale of GMAC,all the auto parts units from GM spin-offs, technologies
like fuelcells moving to China ( as GM announced last week), etc.,
etc., a total disaster to feed the Hedge Funds,advisers,bankers and
lawyers in the orbit of Rupert Murdoch and his neocon Army, and DC?
with their pants down  and asking for more, what a criminal shame !

so, before the new master of the WSJ talks trash about any
politician, he must look himself in the mirror.

and about the news this week (NYT,WSJ,WP,etc.) that G.M.  is moving
Hydrogen Fuel Cells Research Center to China when they and the
Industry are very close to solving key issues like on board-hydrogen-
production, water-electricity-hydrogen, compression delivery and
storage,etc.,etc.,and after getting billions of dollars from the
Defense and Energy Dpt.  in grants and tax cuts,is insulting,
and High Treason,but the stories are spin, they make it sound like
wonderful news, when in fact they will train chinese workers and
engineers instead of american workers and engineers, whats patriotic
about that ? , never mind, the HedgeFunds and Bankers around the
of GM in China will make billions from Chinese Govt. in exchange for
GM to move its FuelCells Center to China,is a sweet deal for all of
them and  for  the Board and top executives of GM,a sweet earmark
indeed, since the ones in Congress that should be defending America,
its workers and Taxpayers, are silence, and to make sure , they are
about to confirm a neocon partner of Murdoch and all  of them, as the
new A.G., because Mukasey, as soon as confirmed,will arrest any one
that complains  against   the abuses of  any neocon, including
Murdoch, and that's a fraud and a crime against the USA Constitution.

Just watch the House Foreign Affairs Committe Hearings,where Yahoo is
being grilled for releasing names and e-mail's of chinese dissidents
to the Chinese Government, who put them in jail,but the Hearing,run
a partner of  Mukasey and Murdoch,R.Lantos ,will not mention that the
chairman and maximum responsible in Yahoo at the time in 2004 was a
partner of
them, Terry Semel,another neocon that made hundreds of millions in
chinese deals in exchange of the "ratting", the Hearings will put the
blame on Yang and  others to force Yahoo to take some neocons in top
positions, a total corrupt fraud and criminal extorsion,but hey! are
there any men in DC able or willing  to  stand up to this abuse or the
one coming
our way with Mukasey ? naaaaaaaa !

.... another center of neocon extorsion
is the FTC ( they look at commissioner  Leibowitz  and others )  where
many are
pointing out that Google is being forced to take directions, editing,
and neocon filters in its boards in exchange of clearence  to buy
DoubleClick, and this is just the beginning of the neocon  abuse.

The confirmation of an orthodox member of a foreign religious
congregation based in another country and under the religious and
political-military laws of that other country , Mukasey , as A.G.of
the USA is the worst criminal treasonous act
in American History ,it's the beginning of the end for the USA
Constitution, and no one is doing anything about it.

As many point out, the neocons are pushing Hillary and Barak, because
none of them has 51% of the vote, so with an   "accidental terrorist
atack  "  in 2008,the paranoia and Mukasey in charge  will send the
election to Giuliani,a perfect plan, and they will succeed,the
american voter is too naive,the Media will control the fabricated
message and the neocons in the new Mukasey  Dpt. will make sure  no
one can  use  FREE SPEECH  to warn the taxpayers.

and then the real  neocon earmarks will start.....


 Alternative energies to Asia,oil in the USA exclusively and the Army
in the Middle East forever,brilliant!

The wars in the Middle East would stop if the USA stops buying 8-12
million barrels of crude oil a day from that area,  and how ? with a
massive hydrogen fuelcells plan, hybrids, E-85,biodiesels,
geothermal and later fusion, as well as some, just some, nuclear
plants , as well as liquid diesels from natural coal capturing carbon
monoxide,so in order to eliminate this possibility, GM ,run by oil,
just announced last week that is moving  its fuelcells research and
standards Center to China, the plan is perfect, all new technologies
are being moved to Asia,leaving the USA addicted to oil and in need
keep the  Army in the Middle East, to defend the israeli occupied
territories, as well as to justify huge new Military and Security
contracts, brilliantly stupid ! the USA taxpayers will never figure
this out,   they will sink America fighting against each other
first,what a  shame !

After 6 years since 9/11/01 the Congress and the White House can't
work together to make America Energy Independent with all of the above
local technologies,so much is still to be solved,and yet they will
spend time and energy with an israeli-french leader that has called
the president incompetent and worst, but hey ! he is a neocon, and
even when his own country found out about his true colors and real
interests after the election 6 months ago and now are very upset,in
the USA they go hysteric about him............and while a few days
ago,when the best Universities in America were showing their own best
Solar Home Technology just a few blocks away from the Capitol and the
White House,  http://www.solardecathlon.org/   ,  no one went to see
them and their great work, many students and teachers could not
believe the lack of interest in Solar Homes made in the USA by the new
crop of solar engineers ,architects, designers, programmers,etc., that
can mean millions of jobs right here, trillions of dollars for the
economy and the path to Energy Independence for America ,Europe and
the whole world , and almost no one went !!!! ......but a neocon comes
to get favors and deals,and the whole town is about to bend over  !
when the president of France was a christian , they didn't even say
hello to him, but now that he is an israeli-french and even when the 2
are against the war in Iraq, the neocon is the best leader in the
world ? what a racist and criminal shame !!!

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