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RFQ Solar Heat Gain calculations

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Posted by Curbie on April 7, 2009, 7:19 pm
I'm playing with a spread-sheet that already has standard (I think?)
heat loss calculations for a "Box" structure:

1° Heat-Loss (BTU/Day) = ((Rvalue / Area) * 24) * HDD (or CDD)

I think I'm ok up to this point, but I want to add Heat Gain
calculations for solar, electrical, and human and I'm in the mud with
solar heat gain. I already have the structure components broken into
N,S,E,&W sides for solar heat gain and have a TMY2 (Typical
Meteorological Year) database of daily records from 239 reporting
station scatter around the country which seems to have data buckets
containing all the information I need?

Year, Month of year, Day of month, Hour of day, Extraterrestrial
Horizontal Radiation,
Extraterrestrial Direct Normal Radiation, Global Horizontal Radiation,
Direct Normal Radiation, Diffuse Horizontal Radiation, Dry Bulb
Temperature, along with others.

I think Degree Days would be IF(average daily Dry Bulb Temperature >
Tin, average daily Dry Bulb Temperature - Tin,0)

So, my questions are:
1)    Is there a "Standard" formula to calculate Solar Heat Gain for
N,S,E, &W sides?
2)    What TMY data bucket(s) should I focus on to feed it?



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