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Radiant Barrier problem - Page 5

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Posted by News on October 21, 2006, 11:27 pm

I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. The UK authorities have pulled the
plug on multifoil radiant barriers, when used on their own.

I note that a few weeks ago a US Court fined a multifoil supplier over
$00,000 for making misleadingclaims about his product. Full story at:

From a recent post:

Further to the above:

The UK authorities have pulled the plug on multifoils, when used on their
own. The Multifoil Council) made pleaded to the Office of the Deputy Prime
Minister when the last round of Part L (energy aspect) of the building regs
was being assessed and had a reprieve to 01/01/2007 to give them time to
show that multifoils worked as claimed. This repreive has been recinded
early because of convincing evidence
that the multifoil claims are exagerated. Multifoils will only be
permissable if they can pass hot box tests, which they have never have.  All
the local authorities and the NHBC and such bodies have all been told to no
longer accept multifoils.

Action may be taken against the 3rd party certifiers, principally BM Trada,
who gave their stamp of approval to Actis and others.

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