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Re: Building permit for solar panels?

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Posted by Radiosam on July 12, 2003, 7:51 pm
Its is easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

This isn't a major job your talking about doing. Put it up safely and
let sleeping dogs lay.

jzikovsky@hotmail.com (Janik Zikovsky) wrote in message

Posted by Ecnerwal on July 13, 2003, 11:15 am
 radiosam@wongfaye.com (Radiosam) wrote:

That is not generally true, when dealing with building officials.

Where I'm building it's $7-57 for a permit, but $0 per day from
whenever they can establish that you started building an unpermitted
structure to the time you get a permit for it (and they can drag the
permit application process out to 45 days without any trouble).

"Forgiveness" at $250 and up is a crummy option compared to $7 for
"permission". In many cases you may also have to rip out and redo work
that could have been done the way they want it done for more or less the
same cost as doing it the wrong way.

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Posted by Radiosam on July 19, 2003, 5:07 pm
"they can drag the
 permit application process out to 45 days without any trouble)."

If you live in a city that likes to harass and charge enormous fees,
then possibly you might change your opinion.  In a lot of cases a
"temporary" support structure can be built that will perform just as
well as a "permitted" one.  If your only being charged $7-57 dollars
for a permit AND have reasonable inspectors to deal with, then go for
it.  But in some major city's the fees approach hundreds of dollars
just to "apply".  The process can drag out for months depending on the
particular department.  Rural county's in the US are far easier to
deal with than major city's.

In this case the original post was about coils of black pipe mounted
on his roof to heat his swimming pool.  Not a major roof
reconstruction or building addition.  Do you really think that an
inspector will "have a cow" about a homeowner mounting some coils on
his roof?  First someone would have to snitch on him, then the
city/county would have to come out and inspect his coils to see if
they meet "code".  Is there a code on coils of plastic pipe?
Probably.  But in this case, the pipe is easily removed if the
inspectors really push the issue.  If I were this homeowner, I would
just put up the pipe with safety in mind and then don't worry about
it.  Or if he is really concerned about being in compliance, then he
should build a separate structure near his pool and chances are they
(the evil inspectors) wouldn't even be concerned with it.

Posted by Peterthinking on July 19, 2003, 9:36 pm
 if it increases the value of your property your property taxes may go up.

don't forget about those nosey assessors.
I'm Canadian too and if I so much as paint my fence or plant some flowers it
seems like I get a letter telling me my taxes just went up.

I hope they do something good with the money.


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