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Posted by nicksanspam on April 18, 2006, 3:35 pm

But that's pretty big. How about this?

We collect all the shower water in a tank, with an infinite cold water tank
next to it, then circulate the cold water through a coil in the shower tank
until it all cools to the cold water temp... Then again, infinite tanks are
hard to come by.

So maybe mix hot and cold fresh water to 90 F and circulate that through
the coil until the shower tank drops from 100 to 95, then pump some of
the 95 F fresh water back into the hot water tank and add enough cold fresh
water to make the fresh mix 85, then circulate for a while, then pump some
90 F fresh water back into the hot water tank and add enough cold water to
make the fresh mix 80, and so on. How can we do this automatically, on
a continuous basis? We need a 20 gallon expansion tank too. Lots of pumping,
but little energy, if the hot and cold supplies stay pressurized.


Posted by Robert Gammon on April 18, 2006, 4:00 pm
nicksanspam@ece.villanova.edu wrote:

At some point the water needs to be heated to about 140F to kill
bacteria before use in showers and baths.

I fail to see the point of all this pumping and mixing between hot and
cold sources.  What do we gain by this??

Bronze Taco pumps are cheap and use less than 100W to move 10+Gal/Hr to
15 feet or more.

Posted by Rod Speed on April 18, 2006, 6:39 pm
No it doesnt.

Posted by Robert Gammon on April 18, 2006, 7:49 pm
 Rod Speed wrote:

Do a little research and you will find that Canada HAS such a spec.  
Read about it today searching for the valve (Tempering Valve) that mixes
hot water with cold to prevent scalding.   Their spec says that hot
water heaters must attain a temp of at least 60C (about 140F) in order
to kill this bacteria, and that water heaters can frequently output 75C
water (about 167F)  Scalding occurs (and I was a victim of this at about
age 4) most often in households that draw a bath using solely Hot water,
then temper with cold to get the desired temp.   I was impatient to get
my bath that night, and due to the arrangement of water controls and my
size, I could not reach the cold water control without climbing around
the lip of the tub.  Needless to ay, I slipped and dropped my foot into
the HOT water.   My ankle bone was VISIBLE thru the skin for several
days after that.

Posted by Rod Speed on April 18, 2006, 8:38 pm
More fool canada. You cant ignore chlorination.

Separate matter entirely.

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