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Posted by Gymn Bob on March 7, 2005, 3:47 am
Did you have a point ot make or are you still just being an asshole?

The going rate for a 2.5 ton residential installation runs about $600.
There ain't much left after installing all the parts and pieces.

How much do you make on a $600 installation after the wiring, breakers,
disconnect safety device, compressor, brackets, lags, furnace hardware,
copper and plastic tubing, solder, refrigerant pressure testing, recapture
of excess, system testing, drive time, billing and initial consultation?

Ohh...  You just walk away from the real jobs when it gets competitive?

Let's hear ya' talk mouthpiece!


Posted by Noon-Air on March 7, 2005, 4:16 am

Thats just about right for installing a 2.5 ton 10 SEER a/c condenser by

Complete install (change-out only) 2.5 ton resi with a gas furnace....you
want model numbers too??
Depending on the actual equipment being installed, ranges from $400 for a
10 SEER a/c with 50,000btu 80%AFUE gas furnace to $600 for 13.5 SEER a/c
with 50,000btu 92% AFUE 2 stage gas furnace.
Any ductwork and any upgrades/updates to meet current electrical, or
mechanical codes are extra.

Not hardly Scooter, my customers don't mind paying for a *competent*,
licensed, insured, professionaly trained, HVAC technician to do a top
quality installation, of top quality equipment, and give them top quality
service after the sale.
 You see there is a major difference between being competitive and being the
lowest bidder. I chose the former.

Posted by Gymn Bob on March 7, 2005, 6:28 pm
 You wouldn't land one job in this area at those prices. I'll bet those are
US dollars too?


Posted by Noon-Air on March 8, 2005, 1:18 am
 I'm 80 miles north of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.... where A/C is a
necessity, not a nicety.
Yes in US dollars, and I can't help it if you don't charge enough.

BTW....how do you survive if you only net $00 on an install?? Even the
hacks here that work for nothing on spec houses make more than that. You
must be doing service for free too.... Do they have welfare and food stamps
in Canada??

Posted by Gymn Bob on March 8, 2005, 1:42 am
 LOL. Well the installers have to do 3-4 on a long day every day of the prime
season. This runs from the first hot day over 30C in May/June till vacation
time in July.  I am not talking gross profit but rather net. The price may
have gone up a few hundred more. It's been a while since I have been
involved directly in this.

This is why nobody bothers with all that room and window measurement here.
It doesn';t add up to anything but a guess anyway. With so many sizes
available 1.5 ton to 3 ton I can be more accurate throwing a pair of dice
anyway. Since we don't have feet and inches and haven't developed money to
avoid bartering, if it takes my lead sled dog 5 seconds to run the length of
the house I use a 1.5 ton, for 12 seconds it needs a 3 ton and the rest is
prorated for times in between.I have this fancy gadget called a thermostat
and if the temperature in the house gets too cold, it shuts off the
refrigerator and stops the furnace fan on the central heating unit so if the
unit is a little oversized it doesn't really matter. cool eh?...Do you have
central heating for your huts in the Mozarks? LOL

This is all based on having an existing central heating system in the house
with capable blowers etc.

We have welfare but no food stamps I am aware of. Good idea though.





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