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Posted by Ecnerwal on December 7, 2003, 10:00 pm

Then you haven't done a very good job of reading. The heating pipes are
NSF certified for potable water use, just like the water supply line,
and all the cold water supply to the water heater is configured to go
through the system, year round, so it never stagnates. There is no
difference between this and having another length of water supply pipe
(such as if you live a short distance down the road from where you live

And as my friend who lives in Dulwich says, you'd be stunned at some of
the things you find in the much vaunted British water distribution
system's house supply tank.

There is, however, a much better reason for not using plain water in the
system - in the event of a heating system failure, we have a significant
hazard of the floor pipes freezing. This would be most inconvenient and

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Posted by News on December 8, 2003, 12:44 am

I didn't receive the first posts.

You then had better make sure you pipe it up properly, so that there is
always flow through the system not leaving stagnant sections.  If in a hard
water area I would not even dream of doing such a thing.  Once again do that
in the UK and the water company hear of it, they will cut off your supply
until the heating circuit is separated from the potable water, irrespective
if you use potable pipes and a bronze pump.

An advantage of your approach is that if cold water mains water works it way
through a hydronic under floor circuit, it will also help cool the house in
summer.  So some sort of free cooling.

Modern cold water tanks are made from poly and have sealed lids with mesh
filters on overflows to prevent insects from entering.  I have looked in
many that have been fitted after many years and found no debris, insects,
etc inside.  Leave it open you are asking for trouble.  The cold feed from
the tanks to hot water storage cylinder and cold baths taps, etc, are taken
about 3 inches from the base, so any debris settles at the bottom of the
tank and is not drawn into the pipework.  BTW, this water is not for

Still today half the water systems fitted in the UK are the traditional cold
tank/hot cylinder.  Most people prefer it as it is super simple with only
one moving part, the cold water storage tank ball cock.  You always have a
reserve of water.  Even in WW2 when German bombs would destroy the local
water mains pipes, people had a water reserve in the house, until the cold
mains pipes were fixed.  Southern Ireland forbids any other type of system -
mains pressure systems are out.

If after installing all the correct equipment you get matter in the water,
then it is coming through the cold water mains pipe, and that is the same
stuff that settles on the bottom of the hot water tanks in the US - only you
don't see it until you rip it out.

Inhibitor in heating systems also acts as anti-freeze too, depending on the
type used.


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Posted by Sundog on December 21, 2003, 8:59 pm
There are undoubtedly millions of homes in the British Isles with the older
open tanks
and it was quite common to find in them: dead insects, mouse droppings, an
occasional dead mouse
and, once in a blue moon, a dead bird.

I was never aware of any other water supply in homes, so this water WAS
widely drunk -



Posted by pjm on December 21, 2003, 9:19 pm

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Posted by News on December 21, 2003, 10:00 pm


Very few are uncovered.

Wrong.  Drinking water is fresh from the mains.  tank water is for flushing
and washing.


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