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Posted by Sundog on December 22, 2003, 7:47 pm


That's the way it is SUPPOSED to be, but I bet there are millions of Brits,
and visitors,
who don't know that. There is NEVER a notice marked on or near the taps that
this is NOT
drinking water. When there is, I'd expect that compliance would be
reasonably good but even then,
I would still consider that the N American no-tank system is safer. Notices
would not keep kids from drinking the dead-bird juice.


Posted by News on December 22, 2003, 10:22 pm

That is the way it is.

EVERYONE knows that, everyone.  I have a mains fed system.  I have a
phosphor descaling canister on the supply, except the fresh water in the
kitchen.  No one drinks from taps other than the kitchen.  So, I am in the
same situation as those with a storage tank in the attic.

In a normal setup with a poly tank, close fitting lid and screen on the
overflow, the water that enters the cold water storage tank is fresh potable
water.  If it is drunk it is still fresh potable water.  It doesn't hang
around for long inside the cold water tank.

In a large office block, the potable water is first stored in a tank then
pumped to the outlets.  Not much different.

Every looked inside an underground fresh water, potable, cold water mains
pipe?  Some will shock you.


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Posted by Sundog on December 21, 2003, 9:20 pm
 It could be that the condensing furnace description that appeared earlier in
this thread was not correct. I think the condensing was only for the exhaust

A few years ago, I had a condensing gas furnace that was used for a forced
air heating system.

The only condensing that I was aware of was the exhaust gas in the flue. The
energy in the water vapor was recovered by condensing, and the temperature
of the flue gases dropped to the point where they were exhausted through a
plastic pipe. The efficiency of the furnace was supposed to be about 92%,
though I don't know what that was based on.


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