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Posted by Mike C. on October 13, 2004, 11:52 pm

Thank you for your suggestion.  I do not think it will work for this
greenhouse This greenhouse is a A-frame "roof" over a pit.  It is less
then 4 feet high at the peak.  It is 12 ft long and 12 feet wide.

but we are planning another greenhouse for the farm.  I will explore
the idea of a thermal chimmney.  I would like to do everything as low
energy as possible so I am looking into berms and water storage, etc.
The thermal chimmney is an interesting idea and I will read up on it.

I did post this on the photovoltic board, I assume that it got over to
the thermal board after the first post.

My plan at this point is to buy a 1/4 hp dc motor to replace the AC
motor and connect it to a solar panel.  I will just wing it and see
what happens!  If nobodies dies...I'll be happy!


Mike C.

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